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Best Types Of Loans For Investment Property In 2024

Updated: Apr 20

Best Types Of Loans For Investment Property In 2024

Finding the right type of financing for investment property is a big step in making your dream of owning property come true, especially with how competitive the real estate market is in 2024. Understanding the various loan options is crucial whether you're a seasoned investor or taking your first dive into investment properties.

At Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage, we navigate these waters daily, offering insights that clear confusion off your path to purchasing that next valuable asset. Let's delve into what makes an investment loan stand out in 2024..

Ready for prime financial guidance? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

Florida investors have many loan options for investment properties, such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, which offer competitive rates and terms.

Non-QM loans are good for those with unique income types, while private lending can be quicker but may come with higher interest rates.

Private Lenders give much flexibility if you're buying several properties or something special that doesn't fit standard loan rules.

It's important to understand each loan's requirements such as down payments, credit scores, income proof, cash reserves, DTI ratio, property appraisal, and rental strategy before choosing.

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Best Types Of Loans For Investment Property

Best Types Of Loans For Investment Property

Diving into the Florida real estate market is a big and exciting step. The first thing you need is the right loan, one that fits just right with what you want to do and your big dreams.

That's where Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage comes into the picture. We're more than just brokers. Think of us as your partners. We offer many loan choices and expert tips. They'll help your investment grow and succeed.

Different loans can be overwhelming. But, we're here to make it easy for you.

We take a good look at everything – not just the numbers, but your whole plan for investing. You may be starting with single-family homes. Or, you may be investing in multi-family properties. We have the know-how for either. We also have the right loans to support your goals.

We have a great mix of loans for every kind of investor. There are the solid and trusted Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans. They are known for their good terms and being dependable. Then, there are the Non-QM loans, which are more flexible and can fit lots of different needs. If you need something customized and done quickly, our Private Lending solutions are the way to go.

At Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage, we're all about relationships. We get to know you, what you want to achieve with your investments, and your plans for the future. We give advice just for you. We make sure the loan you pick is more than just money. It's a smart step toward making your investment dreams come true.

Fannie Mae Investment Property Loans

Fannie Mae Investment Property Loans

Fannie Mae loans are a top choice for those looking to finance investment properties in Florida. They offer attractive terms that many real estate investors find beneficial. These loans often have lower down payment requirements compared to other mortgage options.

This makes them accessible for buyers aiming to purchase rental homes, apartments, or other types of investment real estate.

Investing with Fannie Mae means you can expect competitive interest rates, which helps keep your mortgage payments manageable. It's an excellent opportunity to grow your investment portfolio without straining your finances too much.

You also get the chance to use rental income from the property to qualify for the loan – a significant advantage that can make securing financing easier if you already have a steady stream of revenue coming in from tenants.

  • 30-Year Fixed Rates

  • No Pre-Payment Penalties

  • Low Rates

  • Ability to Finance Multiple Properties

  • Higher Reserve Requirements

Cons of Fannie Mae Investment Property Loans

  • Full Documentation Only (Paystubs, W2, and Tax Returns)

  • Higher Rates for Investment Properties

  • Principal and Interest Payments Only

  • Personal Title Only (No LLC's or Corporations)

  • Higher Reserve Requirements

  • Stringent Property Criteria

    • Non-Warrantable Condos Not Allowed

    • Condo-tels No Allowed

    • 5+ Unit Multifamily Non Allowed

Fannie Mae Investment Property Matrix

Freddie Mac Investment Property Loans

Freddie Mac Investment Property Loans

Freddie Mac loans are popular for investors in Florida's real estate market. They offer a range of mortgage products designed for buying rental properties. These loans often come with competitive interest rates and terms that can be more flexible than traditional financing options.

Investors favor Freddie Mac when financing multifamily homes, townhouses, and condos. With this type of loan, you might have the chance to put down a smaller down payment than other investment property loans.

Just ensure you meet their specific requirements, including credit score and income qualifications.

Pros of Freddie Mac Investment Property Loans

  • 30-Year Fixed Rates

  • No Pre-Payment Penalties

  • Low Rates

  • Ability to Finance Multiple Properties

Cons of Freddie Mac Investment Property Loans

  • Full Documentation Only (Paystubs, W2, and Tax Returns)

  • Higher Rates for Investment Properties

  • Principal and Interest Payments Only

  • Personal Title Only (No LLCs or Corporations)

  • Higher Reserve Requirements

  • Stringent Property Criteria

    • Non-Warrantable Condos Not Allowed

    • Condo-tels Not Allowed

    • 5+ Unit Multifamily Non Allowed

Freddie Mac Investment Property Matrix

*Freddie Mac Allows 85% LTV on Rate and Terms Refinances

"Choosing the right loan was crucial for my investment property, and Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage was there every step of the way. Their tailored advice and extensive experience in the Miami real estate market helped me make the best decision for my future." - Angela Rodriguez, Pinecrest, FL

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Non QM Loans For Investment Properties

Non QM Loans For Investment Properties

Non-QM loans break the mold of traditional lending. They are great for real estate investors who might not fit into the strict boxes set by conventional loan requirements. Instead of focusing solely on credit scores and a steady W-2 income, these loans look at the cash flow potential of your investment property.

This approach could give you a leg up if your unconventional income streams have kept you from securing financing in the past.

Before jumping in with both feet, understand that non-QM loans come with their own set of rules. Interest rates may be higher, and terms might be stricter than standard mortgages.

Yet they provide invaluable flexibility for savvy investors looking beyond traditional bank loans. It's essential to weigh this option's risks and rewards as part of your real estate investment strategy.

Non-QM could unlock doors to properties you once thought were out of reach, but always assess every angle before committing.

Top Non QM Lenders for Investment Properties

When it comes to getting a Non-QM loan, picking the right lender is super important. It can make the whole process go smoothly and ensure you get what you need. At Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage, we're here to help you through it all. Let's talk about the kinds of lenders we work with to get you the best Non-QM loans:

Portfolio Lenders: We've built great connections with special lenders like credit unions and banks. They have their own rules for lending money, which means they can be more flexible. Our team knows these lenders really well. We can match you up with the best one for you based on what you need and what they're good at.

Wholesale Lenders: These are the lenders that work online. We know the online world can be a maze, but don't worry, we've got this! We check out all the deals from these lenders to find you rates and terms that fit exactly what you're aiming for. We're all about ensuring you get a deal that makes sense for you and helps you reach your goals.

Different Types Of Non QM Loans

Non-QM loans open up a whole new world of options, not just the usual mortgage types. Here's what you can look into:

Eligible Non QM Investment Property Types

Non-QM loans open doors to a broader range of properties beyond conventional loan limitations, including:

  • 1-4 Units Single Family Residences 

  • Warrantable Condos

  • Non-Warrantable Condos

  • Condo-Tels

  • 5+ Unit Multifamily (up to 24 Units

Pros of Non QM Loans:

  • Qualify with alternative income docuentation (No Tax Returns)

  • More property types allowed (Non-Warrantable Condos, Condo-tels)

  • Faster Closing Times

  • More Flexible Underwriting (Recent Bankruptcies, Lower Credit Scores, Etc)

  • Close In LLC and Corporations

  • No Limit On The Number Of Mortgages You Can Have

Cons of Non QM Loans:

  • Higher interest rates than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

  • May require larger downpayments

  • Limited lender availability - Work with a mortgage broker

  • Investment property loans come with pre-payment penalties standard

Private Lending Investment Loans

Private Lending Investment Loans

Private lending involves borrowing from an individual rather than a bank. You might get money from family, friends, or someone you meet at a real estate event. These loans can be flexible because they don't come from traditional lenders.

Investors often use private money loans to buy properties quickly. Unlike banks, private lenders usually don't have strict requirements. This means you can close deals faster and start making money sooner with rental income.

Remember to discuss terms clearly with your lender so both sides understand the loan agreement.

Different Types Of Private Lending Loans

Explore the variety of private lending loans available, each tailored for specific property-related needs. The table below breaks down each loan type, offering insights into how they can assist you in achieving your real estate objectives:

Pros of Private Lending Programs:

  • Speed of Approval and Funding

  • Flexibility in Terms

  • Less Stringent Requirements

  • Opportunity for Unique Investment Properties

  • Potential for Relationship Building With Lenders

Cons of Private Lending Programs:

  • Higher Interest Rates

  • Shorter Repayment Terms

  • Need for Collateral

  • Less Regulation

  • Potential for Prepayment Penalties

"Securing a bridge loan for my multifamily property was a critical step, and Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage was instrumental in making it happen. Their expert guidance and tailored solutions provided the resources I needed to develop a stunning waterfront home in Fort Lauderdale. Their proficiency in navigating the intricacies of real estate financing made all the difference in turning my vision into a reality." - Mark Raymond, Boca Raton, FL

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Understanding Investment Property Loans

Understanding Investment Property Loans

Diving deep into the realm of investment property loans unlocks many financing avenues, each with its own set of criteria and benefits tailored to support your real estate ventures in Florida.

This knowledge equips you with the power to make informed decisions, balancing costs against potential returns as you navigate through this crucial aspect of property investing.


Getting a loan for an investment property in Florida involves meeting certain requirements. Lenders look at various factors to decide if they'll give you money.

One of the biggest issues with investment property loans is income verification. At Bennett Capital Partners, we specialize in no-income verification loans for investment properties.

When an investor has a large portfolio of properties, the tax returns can be extremely complex. This is one of the biggest hurdles for real estate investors. Not only does the bank get tripped up on the tax returns, but a good accountant will maximize deductions, reducing your income used for qualifying.

Options for Financing

Investing in Florida real estate demands smart financing options. There are several ways to secure funds for an investment property.

Factors affecting loan costs

Loan costs can vary based on several factors. Understanding these can help you secure a better deal for your investment property.

  • Credit Score: A high credit score often leads to lower interest rates. Lenders see borrowers with good credit as less risky.

  • Down Payment: More money down usually means a lower interest rate. This reduces the lender's risk if the borrower defaults.

  • Type of Property: Single-family homes often have lower rates than multifamily homes. Lenders consider single-family homes easier to sell if necessary.

  • Loan Term: Shorter loan terms typically have higher monthly payments but lower overall interest. Longer terms spread out payments but cost more in interest.

  • Income History: Stable and sufficient income reassures lenders you can repay the loan. They check past earnings to predict future reliability. If you cannot verify your income, the rates could be higher with Non-QM and Private Lending programs.

  • Occupancy: Investment properties not occupied by the owner might carry higher rates because they pose a greater risk of default.

  • Property Location: Hot markets may offer better loan terms since real estate values are expected to increase.

  • Lender Type: Banks generally offer lower rates than private lenders who take on riskier loans for potentially higher returns. However, Banks take longer to close and are known for their last-minute turndowns. They also have very strict underwriting guidelines, making them less desirable to investors.

Exploring Rental Loans for Investment Properties

Investing in rental properties can be a smart way to generate income. To buy these properties, many investors turn to rental property loans. These loans work just like a regular mortgage but are for homes you plan to rent out.

Interest rates may be higher than primary home loans since lenders see rentals as riskier.

Before applying for a loan, know the types of rental property loans available. Some investors use their home's equity with a home equity line of credit or cash-out refinance. This approach lets you borrow up to 80% of your home's value for investment.

Always weigh the benefits against potential risks when choosing this option. Good planning helps reduce costs and secure financing that fits your investment strategy.

The Advantages of Short-Term Rental Loans

Short-term rental loans give you quick cash. This helps buy and fix up properties fast. You can then sell or rent them for profit sooner. These loans often have better interest rates than regular bank loans.

They are also easier to get because the rules are not as tough.

With these loans, you can jump on deals that won't last long. You get your money back faster, too, so you can move on to new projects immediately. They're great for making more money from real estate in less time.

"The team at Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage really took the time to understand my financial situation and provided me with options that perfectly suited my investment goals. Their expertise and guidance in navigating investment property loans were invaluable." - David Thompson, Miami Beach, FL

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How to Find the Best Loan for Your Investment Property

How to Find the Best Loan for Your Investment Property

Securing a loan for your investment property requires strategy and insight—begin by thoroughly researching your options to align with both financial opportunities and market demands.

Partnering with the right professionals, from lenders to real estate agents, will pave the way for a smooth transaction and set the stage for successful property management.

Finding the right market and property

Look for growing areas in the Florida real estate market. Check places where jobs are coming, and more people want to live. Good schools, low crime rates, and nice parks attract families.

Think about what kind of property you want to buy. Do you like houses or apartments? Are you into fixing old places or buying new ones?.

Talk to local real estate agents who know the market well. They can tell you where the best investment spots are right now. Make sure your money goals match the property's potential income.

Learn about neighborhoods and watch for ones that could become popular soon.

Choose a place with high demand for rentals if that’s your goal. Look at how many people rent versus own in an area. This info helps guess how easy it will be to find renters.

Focus on properties that need some work but not too much. Fixing them up can boost their value fast if done right.

Pick a property with care – getting a good return on your investment is important!

Steps for finding a top rental property

Finding the best rental property requires careful research and strategy. Here's how you can identify a lucrative investment:

Choosing the best loan for your needs

You want the right loan to invest in real estate. Consider how much money you can put down and what monthly payments fit your budget. Higher interest rates often come with investment property loans compared to primary homes.

Still, options like tapping into home equity could get you up to 80% of your home's value for that property purchase.

Look at different loan types and their benefits before choosing. Some loans are made just for investors, offering the chance to use rental income when applying for financing an investment property.

Consider a Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan if the property will generate income immediately. This lets you qualify based on cash flow from your rental, not just your personal income.

Always check requirements closely; lenders might ask for a bigger down payment or better credit score than with regular loans.

Considerations for choosing the right loan type

Choosing the right loan for your investment property can be tricky. You want a mortgage that fits your financial plan and helps you earn profits.

Working with a real estate agent

Working with a real estate agent opens doors to better deals and loan options for your investment property. Agents know the local real estate market inside out. They can guide you to find an investment property that fits your needs and budget.

These professionals also have connections with lenders who specialize in loans for investors.

An experienced agent helps reduce rental property loan costs by negotiating the best terms. They understand the importance of securing financing that aligns with your investment goals.

Real estate agents assist through every step, from applying for a rental property loan to closing the deal on your new asset. With their help, navigating property mortgage rates and requirements become much more manageable.

Why Work With Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage

Why Work With Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage

When navigating the competitive terrain of real estate investment, aligning with Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage offers a strategic edge. Their fusion of an extensive lender network and two decades of lending acumen unfolds into tailored financial solutions that elevate your property portfolio.

Extensive Lender Network

Bennett Capital Partners stands out with a broad network of over hundreds of wholesale and private lenders. Each lender offers unique loan options perfect for various investment scenarios.

You can access various mortgage loans, from traditional Fannie Mae loans to more specialized non-QM loans.

This diverse pool means you can find just the right financing for your rental property or investment project. Whether it's buying a new property or refinancing an existing one, Bennett Capital Partners helps match your financial needs with the ideal lender.

They make investing in real estate easier with their connections and expertise.

Over 20+ Years of Commercial and Residential Investment Property Lending Experience

Navigating the financial aspects of buying investment properties can be complex. With over two decades in the game, our Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage team is seasoned in both commercial and residential arenas.

We've done everything from finding suitable loans for high-rise office buildings to securing financing for cozy rental homes. Our deep understanding of market trends and loan products means clients get experienced guidance tailored to their unique investment scenarios.

Every real estate investor's journey is distinct, and no one-size-fits-all approach exists for property loans. That’s where our longstanding expertise becomes your ace card. We've weathered changing economies and evolving lending regulations – an experience that's invaluable when crafting personalized loan solutions.

Trust us to balance your needs with what's achievable, ensuring a smooth ride from application to closing day.

Personalized Service

At Bennett Capital Partners, we believe in creating loan solutions that fit you like a glove. Your goals are unique, and your investment strategy differs from others. We take time to understand every detail of your financial picture.

Expect tailored advice geared toward maximizing your investment potential.

Forget one-size-fits-all options; our experienced mortgage brokers design financing plans matching your needs. Working closely with clients is what we do best—from the first call until the funds for your property are secured.

Whether it's a cozy beachfront condo or a sprawling commercial complex, we're by your side every step of the way to ensure success in Miami's dynamic real estate market.

"Working with Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage was a game-changer for my investment portfolio. Their extensive lender network and personalized service made all the difference. I highly recommend their team for anyone serious about real estate investment in Florida." - Jessica Williams, Coral Gables, FL

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Conclusion Loans For Real Estate Investing

Conclusion Loans For Real Estate Investing

Choosing the right loan can make a big difference for your investment property. With many options available, it's key to research and pick one that fits your plan. Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage stands out with vast experience and personalized service, guiding you every step of the way.

Reach out to them for a smart start on your investment journey. Their support can help unlock the door to potential profits and growth in real estate.


What types of loans can I get to buy an investment property in Florida?

You have several loan options if you're looking to buy a rental property in Florida, including conventional mortgages, hard money loans, home equity loans, and HELOCs – each with its own process and requirements for investment.

How do rental property loans work?

When you apply for a rental property loan, lenders check your credit and income – sometimes using rental income to qualify – to decide if the loan fits your investment plans.

Can I use an investment loan to refinance my existing rental properties?

Yes, you can refinance an existing property; this might help you secure better investment property mortgage rates or tap into the home's equity for further investments.

What are the typical investment property loan rates in 2024?

The typical investment property loan rates vary depending on the type of loan, the borrower's creditworthiness, and market conditions. It is best to contact a Broker at Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage for real-time rates. The market is constantly changing, and the rates are expected to come down in 2024

What are the options for rental property loan programs?

Rental property loan programs include conventional mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, portfolio loans, hard money loans, private money loans, and commercial loans designed for financing rental properties.

What are the best investment property loan options for buying a rental property?

The best investment property loan options for buying a rental property depend on your financial situation, investment goals, and the specific property you intend to purchase. Discussing your options with a reputable lender or financial advisor is essential.


Philip Bennett

Philip is the owner and principal mortgage broker at Bennett Capital Partners, Business NMLS# 2046828. He earned his degree in Accounting and Finance from Binghamton University and holds a Master's Degree in Finance from NOVA Southeastern University. With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Philip has been a leader in his field and has personally originated over $2 billion in residential and commercial mortgages.

Learn more about Philip Bennett's background and experience on our Founder's page. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, our team is here to help you achieve your real estate goals. Don't wait any longer; contact us today to help us find the right mortgage for your needs.



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