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Edgewater Miami Neighborhood Guide

Welcome to Edgewater Miami, a jewel of urban relaxation set against the backdrop of glittering Biscayne Bay high-rises. Known for its luxurious yet laid-back lifestyle, this neighborhood offers the perfect blend of peace right next to the pulse of downtown's allure.

Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage knows your home is more than an address. It's where life happens and memories are made. Let us be your guide as you explore the lively streets and waterfront calm. We will also give you the inside edge on buying your own slice of paradise in Edgewater’s dynamic real estate market.

Ready to make waves in Edgewater? Read on..

Overview of the Edgewater Neighborhood

Overview of the Edgewater Neighborhood
Overview of Edgewater

Explore Edgewater's dynamic tapestry. It's a gem in the heart of Miami's urban landscape. A rich history shapes its vibrant community. Here, you'll uncover the pulse of this exclusive enclave: demographic diversity, real estate vigor, and an invigorating mix of classic charm and forward-thinking lifestyle.

History and development


Edgewater's story started in the late 1800s, growing from a quiet area to a vibrant neighborhood. Big changes came in the early 1970s when locals shaped a new identity for their community.

Since then, Edgewater has evolved into a sought-after place to live with luxury high-rises and stunning bayfront views. Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage has witnessed this transformation firsthand, helping many find their dream homes here.

Growth continues as plans unfold for Edgewater’s future. City leaders have set out five main goals to make sure everyone can enjoy what this neighborhood offers. Investments focus on fair opportunities across the area.

The vision is clear – Edgewater aims to be not just any Miami district but rather one of its shining jewels where both residents and businesses thrive.

Demographics and population


Edgewater is a colorful neighborhood in Miami with 6,630 residents. Many kinds of people live here, including young workers and families. This community is special because it brings together different cultures.

In Edgewater, there are more grown-ups than children or older people. While many residents are white, you'll find a mix of backgrounds. Someone living here usually earns around $40,624 every year.

This variety makes Edgewater an exciting place to be with tasty food places and homes by the water that attract everyone.

Real estate market and trends


Edgewater's real estate is on the move with condo sales prices showing stability. At the same time, single-family homes see their values climb. In November 2023, the area listed 155 homes for sale, a slight uptick from October.

Prices in December jumped by 13.7% over last year’s figures.

Buyers and investors take note: Edgewater presents opportunities in luxury high-rises and waterfront living. Whether it's modern condos or spacious family residences, this neighborhood caters to diverse preferences and lifestyles.

With Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage, securing tailored financing solutions becomes effortless amidst these changing market dynamics.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment in Edgewater Miami

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment 

Edgewater Miami boasts a culinary and retail landscape as dynamic as its high-rise skyline, replete with eclectic eateries, chic boutiques, and vibrant nightspots that capture the essence of this lively locale.

Whether you’re indulging in waterfront dining or browsing unique finds along Biscayne Boulevard, Edgewater serves up an urban tapestry woven with the threads of commerce and culture—bringing together connoisseurs and shoppers into its vibrant heart.

Top restaurants


Explore a world of flavors at this waterfront dining spot. Enjoy exquisite Latin American cuisine at Amara at Paraiso with stunning views. Great chefs make dishes that are as pretty as they look. If you love great food and nice places, this is where to go.

Do you like local tastes? La Latina has real Venezuelan arepas full of color and flavor, perfect for any time of day. If Cuban sandwiches and strong coffee are what you're after, head to Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop.

For Italian treats baked fresh every day, Mamma Leone Bakery will make you feel like you're in Italy with every bite.

Get the true taste of Peru right here in Miami at Sabor A Peru. For cozy Spanish meals, check out Rincon Escondido Tapas; it's a little hidden but so worth finding for its small plates and cozy space.

If sushi or unique foods sound good, NOA Cafe has them both. Sylvano Miami serves up Italian favorites in a chill setting. And if seafood is what you crave, Kraken Crudo in Edgewater offers inventive dishes that locals and visitors love.

Top Bars


Amara at Paraiso shines in Edgewater with its amazing waterfront bar. People enjoy craft cocktails and take in the great views of Biscayne Bay. The place has a cool, fancy feel just like the neighborhood.

Guests usually stay longer because they love the atmosphere. Even though Edgewater doesn't have lots of bars, it's next to exciting places like Wynwood and Downtown Miami. These spots are just a quick ride away.

There, you can find fun drinks, music, and rooftop places that give you an awesome view of Miami's city lights. If you want to relax after work or party on a special day, these areas have what you're looking for.

Top shopping destinations


The Shops at Midtown are a dream for anyone who loves to shop. They offer everything from cool small shops to well-known big stores. You can find the perfect outfit, get things for your home, or choose gifts for people you care about.

Go check out the Wynwood Business District if you're looking for something special. The area is famous for its unique shops that have stuff you can't find anywhere else. You'll come across local art and handmade jewelry there.

This place makes shopping feel fun and full of surprises.

Must-try dishes and drinks


Check out Edgewater's food spots and try a local Mojito with fresh Miami mint. Dig into ceviche loaded with citrus and fish – it feels like the bay in every bite. Grilled Mahi-Mahi serves up true Florida seaside tastes.

If you're in for a sweet kick, go for the key lime pie; it's tangy goodness through and through. Eat these treats at an open-air cafe to get the full vibe of Edgewater.

Beer lovers, make sure to hit up our craft breweries for some Miami-style brews. Café con leche here isn't just coffee; it’s a must-have - rich, strong, and wakes you right up. Grab a pastelito while you’re at it; whether filled with guava or meat, these flaky pastries are perfect any time of day.

Fancy dining or chill bites by Biscayne Bay – there's something here for all tastes that shows off the best of life in Miami.

Cultural and entertainment events


Edgewater buzzes with fun events all year. Streets come alive with festivals featuring music, art, and international foods. The Miami Film Festival brightens theaters where fans enjoy indie movies and big hits.

Groove to live music at concerts in Margaret Pace Park by the water. Catch plays and shows at the Adrienne Arsht Center for a night of excitement. Each event brings more thrills to Edgewater, drawing people who love culture and good times.

Things to Do and Places to Visit in Edgewater Miami

Things to Do and Places to Visit 

Unveil Edgewater's vibrant scene, where spectacular waterfront parks meet cultural treasures—your gateway to the quintessential Miami experience. Explore this bustling enclave to discover hidden gems that resonate with both adventure seekers and leisure lovers alike.

Outdoor activities and parks


Margaret Pace Park shines in the Edgewater neighborhood. This 8-acre park sits by Biscayne Bay. It's a perfect place for tennis, jogging, and dog playtime. The park has paths that twist through mangrove trees.

It also has sports areas for everyone.

People who love boats can put kayaks in the bay here. You can fish or look at wildlife at this park. Families and friends come to have fun outside in Miami's sunshine all year long.

If you live close or are just visiting, this waterfront spot offers a lovely break with nature around you.

Cultural and historical landmarks


Edgewater in Miami is full of culture and history. People can check out places like Margaret Pace Park, with its paths and mangrove trees. Near the park, those who love history will enjoy visits to the Frost Science Museum and Perez Art Museum.

These spots show visitors what Florida's coast was like before and what it might be in the future.

Fans of art will be happy too; Edgewater is close to Miami’s Design District. There are many galleries, studios, and design shops there. The neighborhood brings together old-time charm with new styles without a hitch.

From historic houses to sleek condos, Edgewater has different stories on every street.

Shopping and entertainment venues


Edgewater stands out as a lively spot for both shopping and entertainment. Close by, the Design District offers high-end shops and fashionable boutiques. If you're looking for a mix of stores and art galleries, head to Midtown Miami for stylish furniture and the latest clothing.

There's no room for boredom in Edgewater with plenty of nearby attractions. You can watch live shows or explore art at places like Wynwood Walls. Outdoor movie nights are perfect under the open sky, and comedy clubs are great for a night filled with laughter.

This neighborhood is ideal because it's full of fun yet still a quiet place to live.

Education and Healthcare in Edgewater Miami

Education and Healthcare 

Discover the top-rated schools and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities that Edgewater Miami offers its residents, ensuring a thriving community equipped with essential services for all ages—learn more about these cornerstones of daily life in this vibrant neighborhood.

Local schools and educational institutions


Edgewater is a great choice for families because it has awesome schools. Right nearby, there's Ransom Everglades School with its top-notch teaching. Schools like Miami Country Day School and Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart are just a short drive away.

They offer super learning spaces for kids.

If you're looking for special programs, The Cushman School and Hebrew Academy have lots to choose from.

Parents love how this neighborhood makes life easier. It's close to these great schools which means quick school runs in the morning! Plus, Edgewater feels cozy and friendly - perfect for family life.

Healthcare centers and hospitals


People in Edgewater get some of the best health care in Miami. The University of Miami Health System is close and known for great patient care and top doctors. Many hospitals are ready to help everyone who lives or invests here.

Jackson Memorial Hospital offers many medical services people trust.

These places have modern treatments that make people feel safe. Knowing good health care is near makes it better for those who want to live or put money into Edgewater homes. Families and young workers think this is important when looking for city life with homey comfort.

Having hospitals close by makes the neighborhood even more appealing.

Real Estate Market in Edgewater Miami

Real Estate Market 

Explore Edgewater's dynamic real estate market where the skyline is etched with luxurious condominiums, offering a blend of upscale living and investment property opportunities—delve deeper to discover how Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage can help you secure your piece of this waterfront paradise.

Types of properties available


Edgewater Miami boasts a collection of towering condos with breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay. These upscale homes come with amenities like pools and gyms, perfect for a resort-like lifestyle.

You can choose from sleek modern units with big windows or older homes full of charm.

If you want more room and privacy, consider the luxury townhomes in Edgewater. They offer space without skimping on the perks of living in a condo complex. Though not common, single-family houses sometimes go up for sale, offering an exclusive touch to life in this dynamic area.

No matter what you're looking for or how much you want to spend, Edgewater has many housing options near the water.

Edgewater Condo Market


The condo market in Edgewater is on fire! Fancy high-rises with amazing views of Biscayne Bay come loaded with great amenities. Investors are excited—they're buying these places really quickly.

There's been a huge increase in condos for sale, up 294%, so there's plenty to choose from.

People love Edgewater because it feels calm but is still close to Downtown, Wynwood, and the Design District. The area offers new living spaces right by the water. Picture yourself chilling on your balcony watching the Florida sun go down! Owning a home here isn't just about living well; it’s also about making a smart investment that could pay off big time later on.

Average home prices


Homes in Edgewater, Miami come at many prices. You can find them from $270,000 to $13.5 million. Most people are looking at homes around $926,500. The cost per square foot is about $1,353.

People interested in buying or investing see different prices based on the house size and where it is in the area. Last month, homes sold for an average of $615,000. Edgewater has choices for all kinds of budgets and ways of living whether you want to invest or make it your home.


Edgewater Rental market


The rental market in Edgewater is full of life this year. You can see tall condos and fancy apartments everywhere, with lots of choices for people who want to live by the water. People love this area because it feels like Miami and you can see the ocean.

Many folks are looking to rent, which means smart buying here can make you money as property values keep going up. Edgewater is a great place for those wanting to get into high-end rentals.

The average price of a home is about $926,500, which shows what kind of rent you could ask for—a mix of good investment chances and living right by the beach. Renters find good deals without giving up a great spot or nice features.

This makes Edgewater perfect whether they're staying long-term or just visiting Miami's exciting atmosphere.

Financing Your Home in Edgewater Miami

Real Estate Market in Edgewater Miami
Financing Your Home 

Securing your dream property in Edgewater Miami doesn't have to be a daunting task with Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage by your side—your premier guide in navigating the diverse mortgage landscape.

Their deep-rooted knowledge of the area's real estate market ensures that whether you're eyeing a luxurious condo or a sprawling commercial space, you'll find financing options as unique and tailored as the properties themselves.

Overview of mortgage options available in Edgewater Miami


Edgewater Miami offers many home loan choices. You can get loans for different situations, like buying your first place or a fancy house. Good credit gets you conventional loans, and there are special options for veterans and new buyers with VA and FHA loans.

Look into special condo loans that work well in Edgewater.

If you want a pricey home, jumbo loans let you borrow more money than regular home loans. Bridge loans are great if you need to buy fast while selling another house. Buyers from other countries or investors who don't have usual income papers can check out mortgages just for them and DSCR loans.

With all these options, it's easy to find the right way to pay for a house in Edgewater Miami.

Explanation of mortgage types, including Conventional, Non-QM, Non-Warrantable Condos, Private Lending, and Jumbo Loans.


You can pick from many mortgage types for your home in Edgewater. Regular loans are popular and usually need good credit scores and some money upfront. These loans are a good fit for lots of homes, including condos in the area.

If you have special needs or want more choices, Non-QM loans could work for you. They consider more than just the usual details to help you borrow money.

If you're looking at a condo-hotel or certain condos that don't match normal rules, Non-Warrantable condo loans might be helpful. Private lending is another option with custom loan deals which may be better for investors or buyers with unique requirements.

For expensive houses that cost more than what regular loans cover, Jumbo loans are available—ideal if you're interested in luxury homes near Biscayne Bay. Each kind offers its own benefits.

The key is to find the one that fits both your finances and the type of property you want.

Special financing options for unique properties in Edgewater Miami


Edgewater Miami stands out with its stunning condos and luxury properties. Finding the right way to finance these homes is key. Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage offers solutions like Non-Warrantable Condo Financing.

This means even if a condo doesn't meet certain criteria, buyers still have options. Bridge loans are another way to help investors quickly purchase a new Edgewater property.

Are you eyeing a unique condo or luxury residence in Edgewater? Our team has got your back with specialized programs tailored for this vibrant neighborhood. Jumbo Mortgages, Foreign National Loans, and Condo-Tel financing are just some ways we support your investment goals.

With competitive rates and swift turnarounds, securing your dream home by the bay becomes easier than ever.

Mortgage Process and Requirements

Mortgage Process and Requirements
Mortgage Process and Requirements

Navigating the nuances of securing a mortgage in Edgewater Miami is made transparent with Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage, where each step unfolds seamlessly to turn your real estate aspirations into reality—discover how with our comprehensive guide.

Step-by-step guide to applying for a mortgage in Edgewater Miami


Start your journey to owning a home in Edgewater by gathering all financial documents. Lenders need these to check your income, debt, and credit history. Next, get pre-qualified for a mortgage; this gives you an idea of what you can afford.

Now, find the right type of loan for you – be it FHA, VA or conventional loans.

Once you pick the right option, fill out a mortgage application with Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage. They will require information about the property and your finances. After submitting the application, wait for approval.

During this time, avoid any large purchases that could affect your credit score.

Finally, once approved go ahead and close on the deal! Sign all necessary papers and get ready to move into your new Edgewater home!

Necessary documents for mortgage approval specific to the neighborhood.


Getting a mortgage in Edgewater Miami means you must show lenders you can pay back the loan. You will need recent pay stubs, tax returns for two years, bank statements, and proof of any other income.

They also want to see your credit report to make sure you're not borrowing too much against your income. However, with Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage they don't always require traditional documentation that was just mentioned. They also, have no income verification programs or alternative documentation programs. 

If you're buying a home in this neighborhood, be ready with these papers. A pre-approval letter from Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage could give you an edge when house hunting in busy markets like Edgewater.

This letter proves that a lender has looked at your finances and thinks you'll be able to borrow a certain amount. It's smart to have your documents ready so you can move quickly on your dream home by Biscayne Bay!

Pre-approval and pre-qualification processes tailored to Edgewater Miami real estate.


Start looking for a home in Edgewater Miami with a mortgage pre-approval. It shows you how much money you can get before searching for homes. This step makes it clear to sellers that you mean business about buying.

The team will check your money details fast and give you a letter of pre-approval. This is very important when trying to buy a home in the busy Edgewater area.

Getting pre-qualified tells you what amount you might get based on your financial info. It's good for planning how much you can spend but doesn't mean as much as getting pre-approved.

When making offers in Edgewater, try to get pre-approved first. Our experts know all about the local housing market and can help guide you through the process.

Contact Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage

Contact Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage

For personalized assistance and expert guidance on securing your Edgewater property financing, reach out to Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage – where our profound experience with condos and strategic location on Brickell Ave position us as Miami's premier mortgage brokerage.

Our team is ready to provide you with the most competitive Florida mortgage rates and tailored services that will transform your real estate ambitions into reality.

Looking for mortgage help in the Edgewater Miami area? Get in touch now! To talk to someone or make an appointment, call 800-457-9057 or 305-407-0747. Have questions or need something special? Email

Visit Bennett Capita Partners Mortgage to see what's available and find helpful tools. You can do this from any place at any time. The perfect home in Miami's lively Edgewater neighborhood could be yours soon with expert financial advice.


What makes Edgewater one of Miami's top neighborhoods for young professionals?


Edgewater offers a vibrant residential area with resort-style amenities, stunning bay views along Biscayne Bay, and modern condos perfect for young professionals who love the energy of Miami.

Can I find luxury living options in Edgewater?


Absolutely! If you're looking for luxury, Edgewater boasts high-rise residential towers like Aria on the Bay that offer upscale residences with tennis courts, walking trails, and more.

How close is Edgewater to popular areas like South Beach or Brickell?


Edgewater is conveniently located – it's just north of downtown Miami and within a short distance from the excitement of South Beach and shopping at Brickell City Centre.

Are there good schools and family-friendly amenities in Edgewater?


Sure thing! Families living in Edgewater appreciate the variety of quality schools and family-friendly spots including parks, dog parks, and plenty of dining options.

What kind of lifestyle can I expect if I live in Edgewater?


Expect an active yet relaxed lifestyle where you can enjoy waterfront walks any hour of the day, dine out at great restaurants nearby or relax at home with breathtaking views.

Is moving to Edgewater a wise choice if I value convenience and comfort?

Definitely! With everything from Metromover access to midtown shops near Midtown and Wynwood – even use it on weekends – plus all your daily needs met within its bounds from 17th Street to 37th Street; life here is as convenient as it gets.

What can I expect from the Edgewater neighborhood in Miami?


Edgewater is one of Miami’s distinct neighborhoods, perfect for those seeking a residential neighborhood with access to shops, restaurants, and cultural spots, and is also home to the Florida East Coast Railway.

What is the cost of living in Edgewater compared to Brickell?


The cost of living in Edgewater is generally lower compared to Brickell, making it an attractive option for those looking for a more affordable yet still vibrant Miami neighborhood.

Can you provide an overview of the Edgewater neighborhood in Miami?


Edgewater is roughly bound by the 37th street to the north and is considered one of the best places to live in Miami, with mid-rise condos, restaurants, and a residential feel.

What are the schools like in Edgewater?


Edgewater offers access to several schools, making it an attractive option for families looking to live in Miami with good educational options nearby.

What are the main attractions near Edgewater?


Edgewater offers easy access to Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, and Brickell, making it a convenient neighborhood for those looking to live near these popular areas.

What is the average individual income in Edgewater?


The average individual income in Edgewater is competitive, providing a comfortable lifestyle for those living in the area.

What kind of housing options are available in Edgewater?


Edgewater features a mix of residential buildings, mid-rise condos, and apartments, providing diverse and attractive housing options for potential residents.

How is the food scene in the Edgewater area?


Edgewater offers a variety of restaurants and dining options, creating a vibrant and diverse food scene for its residents to enjoy.

Is Edgewater a popular choice for people looking to move into the area?


Edgewater is a popular choice for those moving into the Miami area, offering a desirable mix of amenities, residential options, and a convenient location.

What makes Edgewater stand out as a neighborhood?


Edgewater stands out as a distinct and attractive neighborhood in Miami, offering a residential feel with proximity to key areas, making it an appealing option for many.


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