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Philip Bennett, MBA

President, Owner Broker

NMLS# 1098318

Philip Bennett is the founder of Bennett Capital Partners, with more than 21 years of experience across mortgage lending, real estate development, and capital markets. ​

Philip holds a BS in Accounting and a Minor in Finance from Binghamton University, School of Management. And a Master's in Finance from NOVA Southeastern University. Mr. Bennett played college basketball and held summer internships at Merrill Lynch in New York City. 

After graduating from Binghamton University, Mr. Bennett was recruited to work for the international accounting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers. After one year of Public Accounting experience, Philip decided to return to graduate school to get an MBA in Finance and enter the Financial Services Industry. While in Graduate school starting in 2001, he began working at a small boutique Mortgage Brokerage firm owned by a college friend in South Florida. 

With a Degree from a top-ranked Accounting program and experience interning on Wall Street. Mr. Bennett naturally excelled and became one of the top-ranked Mortgage Brokers in the Country. 

When the Financial Crisis hit in 2008, Mr. Bennett had no choice but to work for a Bank. At the time, the entire mortgage industry collapsed, and banks were the only companies still employing loan officers. After starting at Countrywide / Bank of America he was ranked 4th in the Country in his first year

In 2010 he decided to leave the Bank of America due to the customer service level. Before leaving, turnaround times on Refinances were approaching 4-5 months to close! Not happy wiht the service level his customers were received he decided to to into commercial real estate. After starting out at a national commercial real estate brokerage and becoming one of the top ranked associated his first year, he was recruited to work for a Family Office in Winter Park florida. He was given the position of Director of Sales for South Florida adn was tasked to selling two intiutional quality office buildings in Coral Gables. After sucessfully selling both assets he played in integral role in the companies plans to develope Wawa convenience stores throughout the state of florida.sibilities.  
As the South Florida real estate market started to recover in 2013 he decided to go back into residential lending. Since 2013 Mr. Bennett has held several top producer positions at PNC Bank, BBVA Compass Private Bank, and Citibank. The level of service his clients had was all the same, no matter which bank he worked for. Yes, the banks had the lowest rates, but if they couldn't close on time and meet contract contingencies, then it did not matter what the rate was if it did not close. 
After Citibank, he took a Sales Director position for a large national correspondent lender, thinking the clients would get better service. Still a top producer at the new company, he realized that banks and large national big box lenders were the same essentially. The significant difference was that banks had better rates. Not only did the national lender have higher rates than the banks, but they also had a similar process, and I quickly realized my clients needed better. 
Thinking that the service level was due to the large national size of the company, I decided to work for a small local correspondent lender owned by a friend. At the small local lender, Mr. Bennett was able to learn everything that was needed to open his firm. 
In 2017 Mr. Bennett started Bennett Capital Partners specializing in Residential and Commercial mortgage lending. With 21 years of experience, Mr Bennett has helped thousands of customers and has originated over $2 Billion in residential and commercial mortgages. 

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