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What is a Private Mortgage Loan? What You Need to Know

Updated: May 9

Private Mortgage Loans - What You Need to Know

In today's world, buying a house is a big dream for many. But sometimes, getting the money from regular banks and lenders doesn't work out. This is where private mortgage loans come into play.

They are becoming more popular as they offer another way to get funding for your home when traditional paths don't fit. Private mortgage loans can be a lifesaver, especially if you find it hard to qualify for standard loans or need cash fast.

At Bennett Capital Partners, a top Miami brokerage known for its expertise in private mortgage lending, we understand how vital these loans can be for achieving your homeownership dreams.

Stay with us to learn everything you need about this alternative financial route!

Key Takeaways

Private mortgage loans come from individuals or groups, not traditional banks. They offer more flexibility and faster funding for those who don't qualify for regular loans.

They are useful for buying homes, refinancing, and renovations. They are especially helpful to real estate investors. This is due to quicker approval processes than traditional mortgages.

Private mortgage loans have advantages like easier qualification and personalized service. But, they may have higher interest rates and shorter repayment terms. These could lead to higher monthly costs.

Mortgage brokers play a key role. They find the best private mortgage deals by using their network of lenders. They use it to match borrowers' needs with suitable loan terms.

Options like FHA, USDA, and VA loans have lower down payments and flexible credit requirements. They are for people who struggle to qualify for conventional mortgages.

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Understanding Private Mortgage Loans

Understanding Private Mortgage Loans

Private mortgage loans come from people or groups, not banks. They work well for those who can't get bank loans.

Definition of Private Mortgage

Private mortgage loans come from private lenders like individuals or investor groups, not banks or credit unions. These private parties lend money to buyers who need a home loan. Unlike regular mortgages from traditional lenders, these can be more flexible.

This means they fit the borrower's needs better in some cases.

These loans usually last for a short time, maybe just a few months up to several years. People use them for buying homes, refinancing their current home loans, or making their homes better through renovations and repairs.

Since they're from private sources and not big institutions, the terms can change to suit what both the lender and borrower agree on.

Borrowers often go for these loans when standard banks won't help them due to financial history issues or because they're buying property that doesn't qualify for a conventional loan.

Private mortgage loans offer a chance for these buyers. They can still get funding under different conditions than banks allow.

Comparing Private Mortgage Lenders vs Traditional Mortgage Lenders

Understanding the key differences between private mortgage lenders and traditional mortgage lenders is crucial for borrowers, realtors, and real estate investors. These differences impact everything from the loan approval process to the flexibility of the loan terms.

This comparison shows that private mortgage lenders offer significant advantages in terms of flexibility and approval times. They cater to a wider range of borrowers, particularly those with unique financial circumstances. In contrast, traditional mortgage lenders provide a more structured and potentially less costly route for borrowers who meet their specific criteria.

Why Mortgage Brokers Are Best For Private Mortgage Loans

Mortgage brokers play a crucial role in getting private mortgage loans. They have a big network of lenders they work with. This means they can help you find the best deal that fits what you need.

I worked with Bennett Capital Partners and saw this first-hand. They talked to many lenders for me, looking for the perfect fit based on my needs and financial situation.

Their team knows a lot about the private loan market. They use their knowledge to give great advice and help borrowers make smart choices. Brokers like them take time to understand your goals, then guide you through each step, from finding a lender to signing the final papers.

Their expertise makes sure you get terms that benefit you most without having to stress or figure it all out on your own.

"Working with Bennett Capital Partners was a game-changer. Their team provided me with a Private Mortgage Loan when no traditional lender would. They took the time to understand my unique financial situation as a real estate investor and tailored the loan terms perfectly to meet my needs. Philip Bennett’s expertise and guidance throughout the process were invaluable, and I was able to secure funding swiftly for my latest fix-and-flip project. Their personalized approach and dedication to helping clients succeed set them apart." — Lucas M., Real Estate Investor

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Pros and Cons of Private Mortgages

Pros and Cons of Private Mortgages

Private mortgages offer a path to home ownership when you can't qualify with traditional lenders. Borrowers enjoy quicker approvals but often face higher interest rates. On the flip side, these loans can be riskier due to less strict regulations, putting both lender and borrower in uncertain positions.

Benefits for Borrowers

Private mortgage loans are great for people who need money to buy a house but can't get it from regular banks. This kind of loan has many perks that make buying a home easier and more flexible.

Easier to Qualify

  • You don't have to have a perfect credit score. Private lenders look at other things, not just your credit history.

  • If you've had trouble getting a loan from a bank, private mortgages open up new doors.

Faster Funding

  • Private lenders can give you the money much quicker than traditional banks. This speed helps when you want to close on a property fast.

  • You can grab good deals before others do, thanks to quick funding.

Personalized Service

  • With private loans, you get services that fit your situation like a glove. Loan officers often work closer with you to understand your needs.

  • Each loan plan is made just for you, considering what you need and can pay back.

  • If your job doesn't give steady paychecks, private lenders may still lend you money. They use different ways to check if you can repay the loan.

  • This flexibility is perfect for freelancers or small business owners whose income changes from month to month.

Bennett Capital Partners: Your Guide in Private Mortgages

Bennett Capital Partners stands out because they know all about private mortgage loans. Here's how they help:

Choose Bennett Capital Partners for your private mortgage needs. You'll get benefits that make owning your dream home or investment property easier than ever.

Potential Risks for Borrowers

Choosing a private mortgage can seem like a good option for getting a home loan. Yet, it comes with its own set of challenges that borrowers need to consider. Here are some risks you might face:

At Bennett Capital Partners, we understand these worries and work to lower them. We offer competitive rates and terms through our network of trusted lenders, helping you find a solution that fits your needs without all the usual risks of private lending.

Who Should Consider Private Mortgage Loans?

Who Should Consider Private Mortgage Loans?

If you find it hard to get a loan from big banks, a private mortgage could be for you. People looking to invest in homes or those needing money quickly also benefit from these loans.

Borrowers Who Don’t Meet Typical Requirements

Some people find it hard to get a loan from big banks. They might have bad credit or owe a lot compared to what they earn. I learned this myself when trying to buy my first home. My job as a freelancer made my income look unstable on paper, and my past credit mistakes didn't help.

This is where private mortgages come in handy. They are more flexible and understand that life happens.

Private lenders don't stick strictly to the same rules as traditional banks do. If you've had major financial setbacks or your job doesn't give you regular paychecks, these lenders might still help you buy a house.

For example, buying a home from someone related to you could be easier with a private loan. These options offer hope for those who thought owning a home was out of reach due to their financial history.

Property Investors

Property investors often look for quick funding to buy rental properties, fix-and-flip homes, or start new building projects. Private mortgage loans work well for these situations.

These loans are fast and flexible. This makes them perfect for investors who need money quickly or don't fit traditional lending rules.

Investors in real estate can greatly benefit from DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) Rental Loans and Hard Money Loans. These types of loans focus on the property's potential income rather than the investor's personal financial history.

For those fixing and flipping houses, Renovation Lending offers funds for buying and improving properties before selling them at a profit.

For bigger projects like new constructions, Ground Up Construction loans provide the hefty financing required to start from scratch. Investors using these private money sources can move faster in the market compared to waiting on traditional mortgages.

Private money lending makes it easier to get into real estate investing. It gives investors a strong edge in competitive markets.

Deal Seekers

Deal seekers find big value in private mortgage loans, especially when eyeing properties that need a quick close. These buyers often target homes under distress or in highly competitive markets.

Private mortgages work well here because they can move faster than traditional bank loans. A fast loan means grabbing a deal before someone else does.

Getting a private mortgage allows these investors to act quickly. They don't have to wait for long bank approvals. This speed is vital in hot real estate markets where good deals get snapped up fast.

For those looking to buy and flip homes, or secure a property needing repairs, this kind of loan offers the perfect solution.

Investors use private money lenders to finance their projects more smoothly. Since private mortgages may not require as strict qualifications as banks do, it's easier for deal seekers to get the funds they need swiftly.

These loans are flexible. They can make all the difference when securing a sought-after real estate investment. They are for residential or commercial properties.

"After being turned down by several banks due to past financial issues, I was beginning to lose hope of expanding my real estate portfolio. Bennett Capital Partners, however, offered me a Private Mortgage Loan with terms that worked perfectly for my financial recovery plan. Philip Bennett's team provided expert advice and supported me throughout the process, from finding the right Private Mortgage Lender to finalizing the paperwork. Their professionalism and commitment to client success are unparalleled."Emma R., Marketing Consultant

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How Does a Private Mortgage Loan Work?

How Does a Private Mortgage Loan Work?

How Does a Private Mortgage Loan Work?: A private mortgage loan involves talking to a non-bank lender, setting terms you both agree on, and then signing official papers. Get ready to learn more about this process.

Finding a Private Mortgage Lender

To find a private mortgage lender, start by asking friends and family. Many private lenders are people you know. Search online for experienced lenders too. Make sure they have good reviews and history of fair deals.

It's also smart to talk to a real estate lawyer or financial advisor first.

Mortgage brokers can help a lot. They work with many different lenders and understand your needs. Firms like Bennett Capital Partners know many private lenders with lower interest rates and better terms of the loan.

They can match you with the right lender for your situation.

Negotiating Mortgage Terms

Negotiating mortgage terms is a key step in getting a private mortgage. You and the lender can talk about the loan's interest rates, how long you'll take to pay it back, and how you plan to make payments.

This flexibility makes private mortgages different from regular ones with banks. Since both sides can agree on what works best for them, you might find it easier to get a deal that fits your financial situation.

The process is also faster than with traditional lenders. This is because you're working directly with the person or company lending you the money.

Bennett Capital Partners plays an important role here. They work closely with clients like realtors and property investors to help them negotiate better terms on their loans. Whether it’s discussing shorter payment times or finding ways to refinance later, Bennett Capital Partners uses its deep relationships in the industry to benefit clients.

This guidance ensures borrowers don't just accept any loan terms but end up with ones that are right for their specific needs and goals.

Finalizing the Paperwork

Finalizing the paperwork for a private mortgage loan is simpler than with big banks. You and your lender will agree on rates, repayment plans, and any assets needed as security. This phase might need less complex documents than traditional loans do.

Yet, it's crucial to get everything in writing to avoid misunderstandings later.

You must understand every part of the agreement before you sign. Legal papers bind both you and the lender to the terms discussed. A real estate attorney can help make sure all details are correct and fair.

This step ensures that both parties know their duties until the loan is fully paid back.

Bennett Capital Partners makes this process even smoother for borrowers. They guide you through each document, explaining what everything means in plain language. Their team helps handle legal checks quickly so you can close on your new home without delays.

Alternatives to Private Mortgages

Alternatives to Private Mortgages

If qualifying for a traditional mortgage seems tough, don't worry. There are other ways to finance your home purchase. Government-sponsored loans like FHA, USDA, and VA loans offer great alternatives.

They often require lower down payments and have more flexible credit requirements than standard bank loans. This makes them an excellent choice for first-time home buyers or those with less-than-perfect credit.

For those who prefer not using a private mortgage from a friend or family member, conventional mortgages can be the way to go. You might also explore bank statement loans that focus on your cash flow rather than just your credit score or W-2 forms.

At Bennett Capital Partners, we've seen clients achieve incredible results by matching them with the right loan type based on their unique financial situations. We can guide you through each option's benefits and drawbacks to find the best fit for buying your dream home or investing in real estate.

Types of Private Lending Programs

Types of Private Lending Programs

There are many paths you can take when getting a private mortgage. Each type of loan program fits different needs.

Private Lending Property Types Allowed

Private Lending Property Types Allowed

Private lending opens doors for various property types. This includes homes for one family, units for many families, condos, and spec houses on the residential side. For business spaces, lenders accept office buildings, warehouses, places to shop, and larger living buildings with more than five slots.

Residential Properties

Residential properties cover a broad range of options for borrowers looking to secure a private mortgage loan. Detached houses and semi-detached homes often attract families seeking space and privacy.

Townhouses and villas offer convenience with a sense of community, making them appealing choices too. For those considering investment or needing flexibility, multi-family units like duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes provide an opportunity to live in one unit while renting others out.

Condominiums are popular among individuals who prefer less maintenance. These include both high-rise condos with stunning views and low-rise condos that blend sublimely into suburban landscapes.

Non-warrantable condos present unique financing opportunities outside conventional lending norms. On the other hand, spec homes cater to buyers desiring custom-built residences without the wait time associated with traditional construction projects.

Vacation homes serve two purposes. They are retreats for owners. And, they are lucrative rentals when not in use. Investment properties include long-term rentals and fix-and-flip projects. The fix-and-flip projects aim for big returns on renovations.

Lastly, manufactured homes—including modular and mobile options—offer affordability without sacrificing quality, making them a viable entry point into homeownership for many borrowers sidelined by conventional mortgage criteria.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties offer a wide range of opportunities for investors and business owners. Bennett Capital Partners shines in financing these properties, including multifamily buildings like apartment complexes and office spaces that range from high-end Class A to more affordable Class C.

They also cover medical offices and mixed-use buildings where businesses can thrive on the ground floor while residents live above. This diversity means investors can find the perfect match for their needs and goals.

Investing in retail spaces is another area where Bennett Capital Partners excels. From bustling shopping centers to convenient strip malls, they understand what makes a location promising for retailers.

For those looking into industrial or hospitality ventures, options are vast as well. Warehouses, distribution hubs, hotels, and even unique properties like marinas or RV parks fall within their expertise.

Real estate investors appreciate this variety because it allows them to diversify their portfolios across different sectors.

Their first-hand experience with special purpose properties such as gas stations or self-storage facilities sets them apart too. Financing these niche markets requires understanding specific risks and rewards involved—something Bennett Capital Partners has mastered through years of work building relationships with financial institutions nationwide.

Whether you're buying raw land to develop or investing in an existing structure to renovate, they have the tools and connections to support your commercial property ambitions.

Loans Made to LLC's for Investors

Loans Made to LLC's for Investors

Investors often get loans through their companies, known as LLCs. This move has perks and downsides.

Getting a loan in the name of an LLC can protect personal assets if things go south. But, securing a loan might be harder because lenders see it as riskier.

Benefits of Loans made to LLC's

Loans made to LLCs offer big pluses for real estate investors. They give liability protection, which means personal assets stay safe if things go south with the loan. This setup also lets borrowers snag tax benefits that can save money in the long run.

With these loans, managing a property portfolio becomes smoother, thanks to flexible loan terms and repayment schedules.

Bennett Capital Partners shines at helping investors get these loans right. Their team guides clients through choosing the best financing options for their needs. They focus on crafting deals that fit unique situations. This makes it easier for LLCs to grow their real estate ventures without unnecessary hassle.

Drawbacks of Loans made to LLC's

LLC loans often have higher interest rates and tough rules for qualifying. This means investors might have to pay more over time and jump through more hoops just to get the loan. They usually ask for a bigger down payment too.

This can make it hard, especially if you're trying to invest in property but don't have a lot of cash on hand.

These loans also come with high closing costs and extra fees, adding to the total amount you’ll spend. Plus, they might need someone from your LLC to promise to pay back the loan personally.

This puts personal assets at risk if things go wrong. And if you want out early, prepayment penalties can be a real headache.

Bennett Capital Partners knows how tricky these challenges can be for clients looking into LLC loans. They specialize in finding ways around these obstacles, making sure their clients get the best deals possible without risking too much or paying unnecessary fees.

Bennett Capital Partners Private Lending Experts

Bennett Capital Partners Private Lending Experts

Bennett Capital Partners stands out in the private lending field. They guide clients smoothly through the loan process.

Benefits of using Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage

Choosing Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage means getting expert help and good deals on loans for houses or business buildings. They know a lot about the loan world because they have over 20 years of experience.

This helps them find you loans that cost less and meet your needs well. If you're buying a home for the first time, looking to invest in property, or need a special kind of loan, they've got options like FHA loans, VA loans, Conventional mortgages, and more.

Working with Bennett Capital Partners makes the loan process smooth and worry-free. They guide clients through every step, making sure all questions are answered. Also, their strong connections with many financial places mean they can offer solutions other lenders might not have.

For example, if you're not from the U.S. but want to buy property here, they can help you get a Foreign National Mortgage. Their team works hard to make closing costs easier for everyone involved in buying or investing in property.

Deep Rooted Relationships

Bennett Capital Partners has strong ties with many financial groups. This includes wholesale mortgage lenders, private financiers, family funding sources, local banks, big national banks, and credit unions.

Their broad network helps them get the best deals for clients looking for private mortgages. If you are thinking about getting a private home loan or considering private mortgages, these connections can make a big difference.

These relationships mean Bennett Capital Partners knows who to talk to and how to negotiate terms that work well for both sides. Whether you're a first-time home buyer struggling to qualify with big banks or an investor wanting fast financing options, their team uses these deep-rooted relationships to your advantage.

Clients get access to competitive rates and terms not easily found elsewhere.

About Philip Bennett

Philip Bennett stands at the helm of Bennett Capital Partners, having carved out a successful career over more than two decades in mortgage lending. His journey through the industry is marked by a stellar track record, overseeing more than $2 billion in both home and business loans.

With his deep-rooted understanding of the market, Philip offers unparalleled guidance to those looking to navigate their way to securing a loan, whether they are first-time buyers or seasoned investors.

His expertise doesn't just stop at securing funds for new purchases. Philip has also guided countless clients through refinancing options, tapping into home equity loans for financial freedom or better terms.

This hands-on experience makes him a trusted figure among mortgage borrowers and real estate professionals alike.

To learn more about how Philip Bennett can help you, visit our Founder's page today. He can help you achieve your property financing goals with his expert advice and large network of financial institutions.

Contact Us

Ready to get a private mortgage or have questions? Reach out to Bennett Capital Partners. Our team has years of experience in real estate financing for homes and business places. We work closely with big financial groups and private moneylenders.

This helps us find the best deals for you, whether you're buying a house, investing in property, or looking for bridge funding.

We offer free consultations to help you understand your options. You can call us or send an email. Our experts will guide you every step of the way, from applying for your loan to closing the deal.

We make getting a mortgage easier, even if your credit isn't perfect or you're finding it hard to qualify elsewhere.

Email us at or call today to start talking about your mortgage needs with someone who knows how to help.

"I had been self-employed for years and struggled to secure a mortgage due to inconsistent income documentation. Bennett Capital Partners came to my rescue with a Private Money Mortgage that perfectly matched my situation. Philip Bennett and his team walked me through every step, offering clear communication and a seamless process. With their help, I closed on my investment condo quickly and without hassle. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking flexible financing options." — Sophia T., Self-Employed Business Owner

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Private Lending Case Studies: Real Success Stories with Bennett Capital Partners

Private Lending Case Studies: Real Success Stories with Bennett Capital Partners

In today's world, buying an investment property is a big dream for many. But sometimes, getting the money from regular banks and lenders doesn't work out. This is where private mortgage loans come into play.

They are becoming more popular as they offer another way to secure funding when traditional paths don't fit. Private mortgage loans can be a lifesaver, especially if you find it hard to qualify for standard loans or need cash fast.

At Bennett Capital Partners, a top Miami brokerage known for its expertise in private mortgage lending, we understand how vital these loans can be for achieving your investment property goals.

Case Study 1: Real Estate Investor Seizes Fix-and-Flip Opportunity with a Private Mortgage Loan

Client Profile:

  • Name: Lucas M.

  • Occupation: Real Estate Investor

  • Property: Fix-and-Flip Project in Edgewater, Miami

Challenge: Lucas was looking to secure funding quickly to acquire a distressed property in Edgewater, Miami, for a fix-and-flip project. However, due to his unconventional financial situation as a self-employed real estate investor, he struggled to meet the stringent lending requirements of traditional banks.

Solution: After connecting with Bennett Capital Partners, Lucas received a Private Mortgage Loan tailored to his unique needs. Philip Bennett and his team took the time to understand his financial situation and quickly provided a funding solution that enabled Lucas to seize the opportunity.


  • Funding Amount: $750,000

  • Interest Rate: 9.5%

  • Loan Term: 12 months

  • LTV (Loan-to-Value) Ratio: 70%

Outcome: Lucas successfully renovated the property, flipping it within 8 months and generating a 25% return on investment. He credits Bennett Capital Partners for enabling him to capitalize on the opportunity swiftly.

Case Study 2: Self-Employed Business Owner Expands Real Estate Portfolio with a Private Money Mortgage

Client Profile:

  • Name: Sophia T.

  • Occupation: Self-Employed Business Owner

  • Property: Investment Condo in Brickell, Miami

Challenge:Sophia had been self-employed for years and struggled to secure a mortgage due to inconsistent income documentation. She had an excellent credit score but was turned down by several banks due to her variable income as a business owner.

Solution:Philip Bennett and his team at Bennett Capital Partners took the time to understand Sophia's unique financial situation and provided her with a Private Money Mortgage that perfectly matched her requirements. By leveraging alternative income verification, they structured a financing solution that enabled Sophia to acquire an investment condo in Brickell.


  • Funding Amount: $600,000

  • Interest Rate: 10%

  • Loan Term: 24 months

  • LTV (Loan-to-Value) Ratio: 65%

Outcome: Sophia successfully closed on her investment condo within 3 weeks of applying for the loan. She continues to enjoy a steady rental income from her new property while running her business.

Case Study 3: Marketing Consultant Expands Real Estate Portfolio with a Private Mortgage Loan

Client Profile:

  • Name: Emma R.

  • Occupation: Marketing Consultant

  • Property: Multi-Family Investment Property in Coral Gables, Miami

Challenge: Emma had a stable income as a marketing consultant but had a less-than-perfect credit history due to past financial difficulties. Despite her efforts to improve her credit score, she found it challenging to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan.

Solution:Bennett Capital Partners provided Emma with a Private Mortgage Loan that considered her overall financial situation rather than just her credit score. The team crafted a loan plan that fit her financial recovery strategy and made investing in a multi-family property attainable.


  • Funding Amount: $400,000

  • Interest Rate: 9%

  • Loan Term: 18 months

  • LTV (Loan-to-Value) Ratio: 70%

Outcome: Emma successfully purchased her multi-family investment property in Coral Gables, Miami. She plans to refinance into a conventional mortgage once her credit score improves.



Private mortgage loans offer a great path for many to own homes, especially when traditional banks say no. They come with benefits like easy qualification and quick approval times.

Yet, they require careful consideration due to risks like higher interest rates and personal relationship strains. Bennett Capital Partners stands out as the perfect ally in navigating these waters with their deep-rooted relationships and expertise in private lending.

If you're looking for a private mortgage that fits your needs, reach out to Bennett Capital Partners today. You will start the journey toward buying your dream home or investing in real estate with confidence.


What is a private mortgage loan?

A private mortgage loan is a financial deal where you borrow money from a private person or group to buy a home instead of getting the loan from a bank.

Who can give me a private mortgage?

You can get a private mortgage from individual investors. These can be family members, friends, or any private investor willing to lend you the money for your home purchase.

Why might I consider getting a private mortgage?

If you have trouble qualifying for a traditional mortgage due to poor credit or other reasons, consider alternatives. Borrowing from someone directly could be an option for you.

How does paying back a private mortgage work?

Like with bank loans, you must pay back your loan over time as agreed in your mortgage note. This could be like a 30-year mortgage, but it depends on the terms you and the lender decide on.

What happens if I don't pay back my loan on time?

If the borrower defaults, meaning they fail to repay their loan as agreed, this makes the situation risky for both sides. It may lead to losing their home.

Is there any difference between borrowing from banks and using a private lender?

Yes! Both allow borrowers to buy homes by lending them money. The money must be repaid with interest. But, loans from people or non-traditional lenders have different conditions. They differ from those from banks or licensed mortgage companies.

How does a private mortgage work?

A private mortgage is like a regular mortgage. The borrower and the private lender agree on the loan's terms. They include interest rates and the repayment schedule.

What are the alternatives to a private mortgage loan?

Alternatives to a private mortgage include getting a home equity loan. You can also borrow from a credit union or explore other private money lenders.

How is the interest rate on a private mortgage loan determined?

The borrower and the private lender set the interest rate on a private mortgage loan. It may be affected by market rates and the borrower's credit.

When should I consider a private mortgage loan over a traditional lender?

You may consider a private mortgage if you can't get one from a traditional lender. Or, if you like the flexibility and terms that private money lenders offer.

Can I use a private mortgage loan for real estate investment?

Yes, a private mortgage can fund real estate investments. It provides an alternative source of funding for property purchases.

What is the difference between a private mortgage loan and a traditional mortgage?

The main difference is that private mortgages are not offered by banks or credit unions. They are offered by private individuals or organizations. They may have different qualification requirements and terms.

​Philip Bennett

Philip Bennett

Philip is the owner and Licensed Mortgage Broker at Bennett Capital Partners, Bus. NMLS # 2046828. He earned his degree in Accounting and Finance from Binghamton University and holds a Master's Degree in Finance from NOVA Southeastern University. With more than 20 years of experience, Philip has been a leader in the mortgage industry. He has personally originated over $2 billion in residential and commercial mortgages.

Learn more about Philip Bennett's background and experience on our Founder's page. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, our team is here to help you achieve your real estate goals. Don't wait any longer, contact us today and let us help you find the right mortgage for your needs.

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