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Get Approved With Non QM Loans For Florida Properties Now!

Updated: Jun 2

Get Approved With Non QM Loans For Florida Properties Now!

If you're self-employed or have a unique financial situation, securing a mortgage product for your Florida dream property can be challenging and involves proving your ability to repay the loan. Non-qualified mortgages (Non-QM loans) offer a solution when traditional funding doesn't fit.

This post will guide you through the advantages of non-QM loans, showcasing their flexibility and how they cater to diverse financial scenarios over the life of the loan. Discover the path to property ownership in Florida with Non-QM loans—read on for insights that make approval within reach.

Key Takeaways

Non-QM loans offer a way for people with unique income situations, like the self-employed or real estate investors, to get home loans.

These special loans can use bank statements or property cash flow instead of typical income proof to help you qualify.

While the rules are less strict for Non-QM loans, they often come with higher interest rates and may require bigger down payments.

Different types of Non-QM loans include Bank Statement Loans, DSCR Loans, and Interest-Only Home Loans which cater to various borrower needs.

If regular mortgages don't fit your financial picture, exploring Non-QM loan options might provide a solution for purchasing Florida properties.

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Understanding Non-QM Loans

Understanding Non-QM Loans Bennett Capital Partners Miami Florida

Understanding Non-QM Loans requires a deep dive into non-traditional mortgage lending. It offers solutions that deviate from standard qualifying criteria. This segment enlightens readers on how these loans cater to a more diverse range of financial situations. They present an alternative route for securing financing for Florida properties.

Definition of Non-QM Loans

Non-QM loans are special home loans for people who can't get regular mortgages. These loans don't follow strict federal rules that usual qualified mortgages do. They help self-employed borrowers and real estate investors. These people have money, but not in the typical way.

With non-QM loans, lenders look at your finances differently. They use other ways to check if you can repay the loan. This means they may let you show your bank statements or how much profit your business makes. They may not only look at a paycheck or tax returns.

These kinds of loans give more people a chance to buy a home or invest in property. They have different terms and options. These can make things easier for borrowers with unique financial pictures.

For example, someone with lots of savings but an uneven income could get a loan based on their assets.

"As a self-employed photographer in Miami, I struggled to find a mortgage that recognized my unique financial situation. Bennett Capital Partners offered me a Non-QM loan that used my bank statements instead of traditional income proof. This flexibility was a game-changer, allowing me to purchase my dream studio space in downtown Miami. Their understanding of non-traditional earners in Florida is unparalleled." - Jasmine R., Miami, FL

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Differences between Qualified and Non-Qualified Mortgages

Differences between Qualified and Non-Qualified Mortgages Bennett Capital Partners Miami Florida

Understanding the distinctions between Qualified Mortgages (QMs) and Non-Qualified Mortgages (Non-QMs) is crucial for self-employed borrowers, real estate investors, and realtors in Florida seeking the right financing options. Federal guidelines draw a clear line between these two types of loans. Here's a detailed comparison in the table below:

This table provides a concise comparison. It's crucial for industry professionals and potential borrowers. It assists them in understanding their loan choices for purchasing or investing in Florida properties. QMs reflect a more conservative lending approach. Non-QMs offer flexible solutions to fit a wide range of unique financial situations.

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Features and Benefits of Non-QM Loans

Features and Benefits of Non-QM Loans Bennett Capital Partners Miami Florida

Non-QM loans stand out in the lending landscape. They have distinctive features and benefits, tailored to accommodate a wider spectrum of borrower needs. They offer an alternative route to property financing that deviates from the norm - particularly advantageous for those whose financial profiles don't align with traditional mortgage criteria.

Flexibility in Repayment Terms

Flexibility in repayment terms means borrowers have more control over their mortgage payments. Non-QM loans offer different ways to pay back the loan amount. This can help those who don't have a steady paycheck every month, like self-employed folks or real estate investors.

You might find options that let you make smaller payments at first and bigger ones later, or even just pay the interest for a while. This kind of flexibility is great because it lets people choose a plan that fits better with how they earn money.

Non-QM loans may cost a little more, but they're specially made to fit your unique situation. They consider that your income might change from one month to the next or that you're getting back on track after a credit event.

Instead of saying "no" just because your financial story is different, these loans say "yes" by looking at other proofs of your ability to repay. They consider bank statements instead of traditional tax returns. This can open doors for buying property in Florida.

Suitable for Diverse Borrowers

Non-QM loans are great for people who earn money in different ways. Self-employed borrowers, real estate investors, and realtors often have incomes that don't fit the usual mold. Standard mortgage options might not work for them.

But non-QM loans change that. They look at income through a wider lens.

These mortgages can use bank statements or profit-and-loss statements to show how much you make. Some people only need one year of tax returns or a form called 1099 to apply. This means more types of earners can get a loan for their dream home or an investment property in Florida.

With Non-QM loans, it's easier to prove you can pay back the loan even if your income isn't steady every month. These loans widen the door so many more borrowers can step into homeownership. They can also grow their business investments with new properties.

Various Income Verification Methods

Non-QM loans shine with their flexible ways to check how much money you make. You can use a bank statement loan to show your income. It uses your bank records, not traditional tax documents.

This is great for self-employed folks who might have ups and downs in their cash flow. With these loans, lenders look at deposits over some time to figure out the money coming in.

Another cool method is for rental property owners. They can get a loan without needing to prove income through regular jobs or tax returns. Lenders will consider the rent money that could be made from the property. This means investors can qualify based on expected rental cash flows.

Also, Profit & Loss only loans are for borrowers with qualified businesses. Instead of using all sorts of forms, they use a Profit & Loss statement. It's prepared by a professional like an accountant or a third party. The statement shows how well the business is doing financially.

Potential Risks of Non-QM Mortgages

Potential Risks of Non-QM Mortgages Bennett Capital Partners Miami Florida

Non-QM loans might not follow the usual rules for mortgages. This can make it harder for lenders to be sure they'll get their money back. People who borrow with Non-QM loans may not provide the typical proof of how much money they make.

Instead, they might use other ways. For example, showing bank statements or saying what assets they own. These methods are different and sometimes don't give a full picture of a person's ability to pay back the loan.

Borrowers with lower credit scores can also get Non-QM loans. Lenders take on more risk when giving loans to these borrowers. Their past shows they have had trouble paying bills on time.

Higher risks come with higher interest rates. Therefore, borrowing is usually more expensive for people with these types of loans. If a borrower can’t pay back their loan, both sides face challenges – borrowers could lose their home, and lenders could lose money.

Who Should Consider a Non-QM Loan?

Who Should Consider a Non-QM Loan? Bennett Capital Partners Miami Florida

Non-QM loans can be a good fit for those who don't fit into the regular loan box. They offer a chance to get a mortgage when other loans might not work.

"Investing in Florida real estate has always been my goal, but traditional mortgages didn't fit my needs as a real estate investor. The DSCR Loan option from Bennett Capital Partners was a perfect match, as it focused on the property's potential income rather than my personal financial history. Thanks to their innovative approach, I now own multiple rental properties in Orlando." - Carlos S., Orlando, FL

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Non-QM Loan Requirements Bennett Capital Partners Miami Florida

Getting a Non-QM loan may seem like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. You just need to know what lenders look for. First off, you'll show how you make money. Lenders want to see that you can pay back the loan.

You might use bank statements or other papers if you don't have regular paychecks.

Your credit history is also key for these loans. A lender will check your past to decide if lending money to you makes sense. They aren’t as strict as with regular loans, but they still care about your credit score and history.

Lastly, think about your property's value and the down payment. The lender uses your property as security for the loan; so they will make sure it’s worth enough. Also, paying a bigger down payment might help get your loan approved since it lowers the risk for the lender.

Bennett Capital Partners Non-QM Loan Options

Bennett Capital Partners Non-QM Loan Options Miami Florida

Exploring the spectrum of available Non-QM loan options can reveal a tailored solution that aligns with the unique financial circumstances and property investment goals of borrowers in Florida—discover what's possible for your real estate ventures beyond conventional lending criteria.

Bank Statement Loans

Bank Statement Loans offer a unique opportunity for self-employed individuals to get a mortgage. Instead of showing pay stubs, you show your bank statements to prove how much money you make.

This is helpful because many self-employed people have income that changes from month to month. They also don't have typical proof of income documents.

These loans are great for buying properties in Florida. They give more people the chance to own a home without fitting into the tight rules of regular mortgages. Self-employed buyers can use their actual bank deposits over time, making it easier and faster to qualify for a loan and buy the property they want.

No Ratio Investment Loans

No Ratio Investment Loans offer a unique chance for investors to get money without showing how much they make every year. This type of mortgage doesn't ask you to list your income or debt when asking for a loan. That's great for self-employed people and real estate investors who may have complex finances or many sources of income.

Instead, the lender looks at the property's value and potential to make money.

With these loans, getting funds becomes simpler since there are fewer papers needed. Self-employed borrowers often find this loan ideal. It avoids the lengthy process of proving income through tax returns or bank statements.

Real estate investors appreciate No Ratio Loans. They can quickly cash in on investment opportunities without red tape slowing them down.

Asset-Based Loans

Asset-based loans can be a smart choice for those who own valuable things but don't have a regular paycheck. These loans use your stuff, like houses or investment properties, as security.

This means if you need to buy more property or get money for other reasons, you don't have to show a pay stub; your assets do the talking.

This type of loan helps if you're self-employed or an investor in real estate. You get the chance to borrow money based on how much your assets are worth—not just what you earn each month.

It's all about what you already have, not what you make.

Asset-based loans open doors that standard mortgages might keep closed for people with lots of investments but less proof of income. They let borrowers turn their possessions into opportunities without selling them first.

Since these are Non-QM products, they offer ways around the usual mortgage rules. This makes it easier for many people in Florida to keep growing their property portfolios.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) Loans

DSCR loans offer a smart way for Florida real estate investors to get funding. These loans look at the money a property makes and whether it's enough to pay back the loan. They work well for buying or refinancing rental properties because they don't ask for usual job income proof.

Instead, these loans focus on the rent money that comes in from the property.

Real estate investors like DSCR loans since they match loan payments with how much cash flow their investment brings in. To get this type of mortgage, people need good credit scores, some equity in the property, and enough rent income to cover the mortgage costs and other debts.

These factors help lenders decide if someone can get a DSCR loan in Florida without needing traditional proof of income. This is great news, especially for those who are self-employed or have unique financial situations.

If you are interested in a DCR Loan Bennett Capital Partners has the most competitive DSCR loan interest rates. Reach out to us with any questions and to see if we can help you with your scenario.

Interest-Only Home Loans

Interest-only home loans can be a good choice for people like self-employed borrowers, real estate investors, and realtors. These loans let you pay only the interest part of your mortgage payment for a certain time at the start of your loan term.

This means your payments are smaller at first, which can help if you need extra cash for other things.

But there's more to think about with these types of loans. Normally, they have higher interest rates than regular mortgages. They often ask for a bigger down

payment too. This kind of loan makes sense if you plan on selling or refinancing before you have to start paying off the actual loan balance later in the term.

One Year Tax Returns Loans

Self-employed borrowers, real estate investors, and Realtors in Florida often face challenges when trying to get a mortgage. Traditional home loans usually ask for two years of tax returns to check income.

But what if you don't have two years' worth? That's where One Year Tax Returns Loans come into play.

These loans are perfect for people who may have recently increased their income. They are also good for those who started their business less than two years ago. Lenders look at the last year's tax return instead of two. This makes it easier to show your current financial strength.

This loan type is helpful because it lets more people qualify for a mortgage. They don't have to wait another year.

With these loans, getting the keys to a new property becomes quicker and simpler. Now, Floridians can buy properties with confidence using this tailored non-QM loan option. It's made for their unique situation.

It opens doors for many who thought buying a home was out of reach. This was due to strict lending rules tied to traditional mortgages.

1099 Only

Getting a mortgage can be tough if you're self-employed or an independent contractor. You might not have the typical paycheck that lenders want to see. But with a 1099 Only loan, things get easier.

This type of loan looks at the money you make on your 1099 forms. Lenders will use 90% of your 1099 income to see if you qualify for a home loan.

This is good news if most of your cash comes from being your own boss or doing contract work. A 1099 Only mortgage helps people who earn their money through commissions or by working for themselves. It helps them find a way to buy property in Florida.

Just remember, this special loan program understands how you make money. It uses that information to help you get a mortgage.

If you've got solid 1099s showing what you earn, this may be the right kind of non-QM loan. It's for buying your dream house or investing in real estate. It avoids the hoops traditional loans make you jump through.

It's designed to fit your unique situation. You don't have regular pay stubs, but you still have steady income.


Getting a mortgage in Florida can be tough for people who don't have typical jobs. Luckily, some loans are designed to help. These special loans use only WVOE – that means just a letter from your job saying you work there and make money.

This is great news for folks like freelancers, business owners or those with different kinds of jobs.

For these borrowers, showing tax returns or pay stubs isn't always easy. But with a WVOE-based loan, they prove their income by providing a letter from their employer. It's all about making the loan process smoother for those with unique income situations. That way, they can buy properties in Florida too!

Profit & Loss Only

Profit & Loss Only loans offer a unique path to mortgage approval for self-employed borrowers. Understand that traditional proof of income like W-2s doesn't suit everyone. That's where Profit & Loss Only loans come in handy. They rely on your business's Profit and Loss statements instead.

This method allows lenders to check how much money you make through your work. It makes it easier for you if regular pay stubs aren't an option.

This kind of loan is perfect if your income comes from running a business. It's also great if you're an investor reaping profits from various sources. These loans don't require traditional income verification. They are attractive alternatives for those with non-standard earnings.

They reflect the real-world cash flow better than other documents might. This provides more chances to get the loan you need for Florida properties.

"I was about to give up on buying a home in Tampa due to my irregular income as a freelance graphic designer. The team at Bennett Capital Partners introduced me to their Asset-Based Loans. This solution, which considered my total assets rather than just my income, made home ownership a reality for me. I can't thank them enough for their support and for making the process so seamless." - Emily T., Tampa, FL

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Choosing the Right Non-QM Loan for Florida Properties

Choosing the Right Non-QM Loan for Florida Properties Bennett Capital Partners Miami Florida

To pick the best Non-QM loan for Florida properties, consider what you need. If you work for yourself or invest in real estate, your income might change a lot. You could use bank statements or P&L statements to show how much money you make.

This way, lenders see that you can pay back the loan.

Think about what property you want to buy too. A condo? An investment house? Each one might need a different kind of Non-QM loan. Talk with an experienced mortgage broker in Florida such as Bennett Capital Partners who understands these loans well.

They will help find the right one for your unique situation. This will make buying your dream home or growing your business easier.

Applying for Non-QM Loans with Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage

Applying for Non-QM Loans with Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage

Applying for a Non-QM loan through Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage is simple. It is straightforward. Here are the steps to get started on securing your Florida property loan:

Step 1: Start by filling out our quick quote form here or call us at 1-800-457-9057.

Step 2: We'll review your initial scenario and determine the best options for you.

Step 3: If we can assist, you'll be invited to complete our online application here.

Step 4: One of our representatives will follow up on your application to complete the pre-approval process.

Step 5: After receiving pre-approval and agreeing on terms, you will submit your loan application for underwriting.

At Bennett Capital Partners, we value clarity and honesty in all our relationships. We make sure you know what's going on with your loan from start to finish, so there are no surprises. We also promise to make sure everything gets done just like we said it would. Our team works hard to make sure your loan process goes smoothly, and you can trust us to handle it all the way

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Ready to make a move on Florida property? Non-QM loans could be just what you need. They're different, flexible, and open doors for many types of borrowers. Remember, though – they come with their own rules.

But if the regular mortgage path is not for you, explore these loans. Get the financial boost for that dream home or investment with a Non-QM loan today!


What is a non-QM loan?

A non-QM loan, or non-qualified mortgage loan, is a type of mortgage. It doesn't meet the strict rules for a standard qualified mortgage. It offers flexibility with income and credit requirements.

How do Non-QM Loans differ from Qualified Mortgages?

Non-QM loans typically have higher flexibility compared to qualified mortgages. They cater to borrowers who don't meet the requirements for standard loan programs. This includes those with non-traditional income sources or credit issues.

Can Non-QM Loans be used to buy a home?

Yes, you can use non-QM loans to purchase a home in Florida. These mortgage products offer alternative options. They're for individuals who may not qualify for traditional loans.

What are the benefits of Non-QM Loans?

Non-QM loans allow for more flexibility in lending. They cater to individuals who may not qualify for standard loan programs. This can be due to reasons such as non-traditional income sources or credit issues.

Who is eligible for Non-QM Loans?

Non-QM loans are suitable for borrowers who may not meet the strict requirements of traditional lenders. They have the ability to repay the loan using alternative methods or with non-traditional income sources.

What are the specific requirements for obtaining a Non-QM Loan?

To obtain a qualified mortgage in Florida, borrowers must meet the requirements outlined by non-QM lenders. These lenders often look beyond standard underwriting criteria to evaluate a borrower's creditworthiness.

What role does a loan officer play in securing a Non-QM Loan?

A funding loan officer plays a crucial role in helping non-QM borrowers secure a non-qualified mortgage for a Florida property. They also help borrowers navigate the process. They help evaluate the borrower's financial situation. They also guide them through the application and approval process.


Philip Bennett

Philip Bennett

Philip is the owner and principal mortgage broker at Bennett Capital Partners, Business NMLS# 2046828. He earned his degree in Accounting and Finance from Binghamton University and holds a Master's Degree in Finance from NOVA Southeastern University. With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Philip has been a leader in his field and has personally originated over $2 billion in residential and commercial mortgages.

Learn more about Philip Bennett's background and experience on our Founder's page. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, our team is here to help you achieve your real estate goals. Don't wait any longer; contact us today and let us help you find the right mortgage for your needs.




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