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What Time Does The Fed Meet? Stay Ahead with Real-Time Updates

Updated: Jan 29

What Time Does The Fed Meet? Stay Ahead with Real-Time Updates

In this blog post, we aim to be your go-to resource for the next Federal Reserve meeting times. We've included a section linking to our real-time Economic Calendar and a table outlining the next 12 months of Federal Reserve meeting dates. We'll be passing along valuable insights such as the timetable of the meetings and crucial bulletins to keep an eye out for—think policy adjustments and interest rate decisions, among other things.

🗓️📢 The Federal Reserve Next Meeting is held on January 30 -31st.

🗓️📢 The Federal Reserves Interest Rate Decision will be held on the second day Wednesday, Jan 31st at 2:00 PM EST. The forecasted rate is 5.5% no change from the last meeting.

Key Takeaways

✅ Timely Releases: The Federal Reserve typically releases its statement around 2:00 PM Eastern Time on the second day of its meeting, which outlines their views on economic conditions and monetary policy decisions.

✅ Press Conferences: These are held after the release of the Fed's statement, providing essential insights into their monetary policies and future actions.

✅ What to Watch For: Updates to look out for during the Fed meetings include interest rate decisions, policy changes or announcements, economic projections, and Chairman Jerome Powell's remarks.

✅ Market Impact: The stock market reacts to the Fed's decisions, making it crucial for investors to stay updated.

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🎯 View Our Live Economic Calendar

View Our Live Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar page on Bennett Capital Partners Mortgage's website serves as a valuable resource for staying updated on market-moving news. This information is crucial for understanding fluctuations in mortgage interest rates, home loans, and commercial loan interest rates. The page is designed to help both homeowners and investors make informed decisions. To view and Bookmark our real-time economic calendar and mortgage rate tracker.

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2023 / 2024 Federal Open Market Committee Meeting Calendar

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What Time Does the Fed? Meeting Schedule & Timing

What Time Does the Fed? Meeting Schedule & Timing

What Time Does the Fed Meet? - Understanding the meeting schedule and timing is crucial for investors and market participants. Staying informed about the central bank's decisions can provide a significant advantage in navigating the financial markets. Ensure to keep an eye on the official announcements to get the most accurate information

Statement release time

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) typically releases its statement around 2:00 PM Eastern Time on the second day of its meeting. This document outlines their views on economic conditions and monetary policy decisions.

For example, in March 2023, the FOMC also released projection materials along with their statement. These included predictions about the economy's future performance, providing additional insight into the committee's decision-making process.

Press conference timing

Press conferences are a significant part of the Fed meetings, with an impact felt across global markets. The FOMC has held press conferences for all its meetings in 2023 so far. These sessions usually begin shortly after the release of the Fed's statement regarding policy decisions and economic projections.

These press briefings provide essential insights into the Federal Reserve's monetary policies and future actions. They offer an opportunity for Journalists to ask direct questions to Chairman Jerome Powell about interest rates, inflation, and other financial matters impacting the economy at large.

Market participants worldwide closely monitor these proceedings as they can influence investment decisions and market dynamics considerably.



Be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Fed meetings. Stay informed about the schedule and timing, as well as the updates to look out for, such as interest rate decisions, policy changes or announcements, economic projections, and Chairman Jerome Powell's remarks.

Being aware of these key points will help you understand market reactions and expectations. Don't miss out on important information that could impact mortgage rates and inflation.

Key Terms and Important Concepts

The Federal Reserve, under the leadership of Fed Chair Jerome Powell, plays a pivotal role in shaping the U.S. economy. Their decisions on the funds rate can have far-reaching implications, from influencing the stock market to affecting everyday consumers' borrowing costs. The Federal Reserve Board is the governing body that makes these crucial decisions, and their stance on the federal funds rate is keenly watched by financial experts and laypeople alike.

When there's talk of a rate increase, it signals the Federal Reserve's confidence in the economy. Conversely, when the reserve is expected to hold its current position, it might indicate caution due to various economic factors. The federal reserve is expected to make these decisions based on a myriad of data, from headline inflation to the state of the labor market.

A hike expected in the rates can be a sign of a robust economy, while a decision to hold rates steady might be due to uncertainties. The dot plot, a graphical representation of the Federal Reserve's outlook, provides insights into their future rate decisions. The financial world is always abuzz when the Fed is expected to make an announcement, especially if experts and analysts expect the Fed to change its stance.

The Fed could make decisions that have lasting impacts on the economy. It's noteworthy when they are expected to hold its benchmark rate, as it showcases their cautious approach. The Fed funds rate is a key tool in the Federal Reserve's arsenal. Decisions to hold its benchmark lending rate or to introduce a rate increase can influence everything from mortgage rates to the interest rates on savings accounts. The Fed rate has seen changes, from minor adjustments like a rate by a quarter to some of the most significant interest rate hikes in history.

Announcements from the Federal Reserve are eagerly awaited. The benchmark federal funds rate is a key rate that the Fed sets, and its decisions regarding this rate can have wide-reaching implications. The Fed is set to announce its decisions, often followed by a news conference led by key figures like the chief economist. These announcements can lead to immediate reactions in the stock market and changes in interest rates.

The Federal Reserve has been closely monitoring gas prices. The surge in price increases, especially higher gas prices, has been a cause of concern for many. The core inflation rate is another key metric that can influence the Fed's decisions. The labor market remains a significant factor in their decision-making process.

The anticipation is high as they announce their policy decision. Many experts speculate on what the Fed would do, especially given the current economic indicators. The Fed’s 2% inflation target and their tightening of monetary policy are clear indicators of their strategy to ensure economic stability and growth.

The Federal Reserve's decisions are often influenced by various factors. They are expected to keep a close eye on global economic trends and make decisions accordingly. The rate hikes signify the gravity of certain economic situations. After every meeting, the following meeting concludes with important announcements that can shape the financial landscape. The higher interest rates have been a topic of discussion for years, and every statement made by the Federal Reserve is dissected for insights. The Fed's 2% target is a testament to their commitment to maintaining economic balance.


What is the Federal Reserve System?

The Federal Reserve System, often called the Fed, is a central banking system in the U.S that affects interest rates and monetary policy.

When does the Fed usually meet?

The Fed officials typically hold a two-day policy meeting to discuss any changes like rate hikes or keeping their benchmark lending rate steady.

How can I find out when the next Fed meeting is?

News about upcoming meetings like exact dates such as in March 2022 or their annual conference in Jackson Hole will usually be announced on CNN business and other news platforms throughout the year.

Are there expectations for what decisions could come from these meetings?

Many people expect certain outcomes like whether they'll raise rates or hold them steady, based on factors such as labor market conditions and inflation trends including energy prices or consumer price index data.

Does anyone explain what gets decided at these meetings?

Yes! After each FOMC meeting concludes, it's typical for someone like current chair Jerome Powell to deliver a news conference highlighting important updates; this may sometimes help understand how previous rate hikes are affecting the US economy.

Has there been an instance where rates were raised significantly high?

In past instances, fed officials have made significant decisions where they've raised rates multiple times up to a 22-year high.

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