Finance the purchase or refinance of your rental properties. We provide the most competitive options to you.

Rental Property Financing

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Long term rental loans for investors looking at new acquisitions for residential properties with the intent to hold the property for an extended length of time, and for investors interested in refinancing currently-owned investment properties. Portfolio loans available for 5 or more rental properties.

Typical terms

Loan Type

30-Year Fixed-Rates

5/1, 7/1, 10/1 ARMs

All loans have a 30-Year Amortization


Up to 80% LTV

Loan Amounts

Minimum $75K to a maximum $2M

Eligible Properties

Single Family Residence

2-4 Unit Properties


Warrantable Condos


Eligible Borrower

U.S Citizens

Permanent Resident Aliens

Non-Permanent Resident Aliens

Foreign Nationals

LLCs, Limited Partnerships, General Partnerships, Corporations


All States except Alaska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah


Minimum FICO is 640

Required Docs

1 Month Bank Statement

List of current properties owned (REO schedule)

Lease (if currently rented)

Sales Contract (if purchase)

Corporate entity documents (articles/ certificate of formation and operating agreement)

Driver’s License

Pre-Payment Penalty

Term: 3 Years

Type: 80% of 6 months interest

Buy down options available


Cash Out Eligibility and Restrictions

  • Six months since prior financing or date of purchase is required.

  • Delayed Financing Exception per FNMA permitted and prior Bridge Loans with REI Loans qualify.

  • Loans not eligible for cash-out: Properties listed for sale by the borrower in the past three months.