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Condo Questionnaire 

Welcome to Bennett Capital Partners' Fannie Mae Condo Questionnaire download page. We understand the significance of the Condo Questionnaire, an essential component of the mortgage approval process for condos, in your homebuying journey. This questionnaire, also known as the Condominium Project Questionnaire (Form 1076), provides crucial information about the condominium project, including details about the association, occupancy, and financial stability. Finding this form can be challenging, but at Bennett Capital Partners, we aim to simplify the process for first-time condo buyers, investors, or those looking to refinance their mortgage. We offer the ability to download the Condo Questionnaire directly from our site, saving you time and effort. Whether you need this form or further assistance, our team at Bennett Capital Partners is ready to guide you through every step of your mortgage journey. Start today by clicking on the link below. Download the Condo Questionnaire 

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